Sliding closet doors for bedrooms are one of the things that people would really say “Wow! You’ve got a nice bedroom!” That is based on my experience as an evaluator. Anyway, I also have a plan to buy a sliding closet door and I already got a choice. I will help you decide which one you will buy for your bedroom. Here is the list of various sliding doors:



Mirrored Sliding Closet Doors For Bedrooms

There are different types of sliding closet doors and this sliding mirrored is one of which. This is a common preference by a number of people who bought this type of closet door. The main reason for that is because it has two-in-one functionality: a whole body mirror and a closet. The following are examples of mirrored closet sliding doors for bedrooms:

  • Impact Plus Beveled Edge Mirror Solid Core Chrome PlyCor Interior Sliding door – this has 3mm laminated mirror. The color is somewhat like a frosty glass closet door. It has been assessed as one of the safest and unbreakable mirrored sliding door. It also has an adjustable height ranges from 79-1/4 inches to 80-1/2 inches. It is an ideal sliding closet door for a cluttered room. The price of this is $285.00 on
  • TRUporte 230 Series 48 inches x 80 inches Steel White Mirror Sliding Door – It has an exquisite finish and it is a space-saving sliding closet door. It is made of steel and prefinished in white for attractive look. It provides a full-length reflection mirror. The door handing is reversible or universal. The price of this is $94.00 on


Wooden Sliding Closet Doors For Bedrooms

  • Warm Look Sliding Wooden Closet Door for Bedrooms from Fine-Designed Sliding Closet Doors on -> If you visit this page, you will be amazed of how beautiful this wooden sliding closet door they’ve made for any bedrooms. As for this one, you should have a spacious bedroom for this looks good in a room that is big with antique or classic style.
  • Another one is Stylish Wood Sliding Closet Door for Bedroom from Fine-designed Sliding Closet Doors on -> Indeed, the closet door is stylish door made of wood. You can customize your own design on your closet door for this one. On, you will be astonished of how wonderful it is to be placed in your children’s bedroom.



Beautiful-Sliding-Closet-DoorsGlass Type Closet Sliding Doors

  • Sliding Frosted Glass Fusion Frosted Choco Frame on -> The size of this closet door is 48 inches x 80-1/2 inches. The pinecroft chocolate frame design sizes about 2-1/2 inches. This would look beautiful in a room that is more on dark hues. Men would really like this kind of closet door for they prefer more on dark furniture. Also, the glass of this sliding door is opaque. The price of this is $422.69 on
  • TRUporte 2240 Series Expresso 5-Lite Composite Universal Grand on -> The size of this closet sliding door is about 60 inches x 80 inches. This would really fit in a contemporary house décor. The closet door is very stylish and has attractive perfect finishes. This closet door is easy to install at home. This is a wood grain expresso finish with five light frosted tempered glasses. The price of this is #349.00 on
  • TRUporte Grand 2030 Series Composite White 3-Lite Tempered Frosted Glass Sliding Door on -> The size of this closet door is about 48 inches x 80 inches. This has 3mm frosted tempered glass that provides durability and a contemporary design. It includes matching fascia that complements an attractive look. You don’t need to worry on finishing since it is a maintenance free finish. As for this kind of closet sliding door, this would really fit in a bedroom that is well-lighted, spacious, and airy. This closet sliding door is suitable for women and girls out there. The price of this is $307.97 on

So, these are the three types of sliding closet doors I have found on the internet. I already have a choice and that’s the mirrored closet sliding door.  What’s your choice of sliding closet door for bedrooms?

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